The Study of Percival Farrington
The Study of Percival Farrington

Percival Farrington (1801-1901). Oldham born Naturalist, correspondent of C. Darwin. Studied Lepidoptera with R.S. Edleston and was mentor of J.W. Tutt. Worked at Henbury Park, Cheshire in the 1870’s.  Lectured on Natural History in Oldham but was a very private man, he is seldom mentioned in the literature of the period.  His wife Margot Farrington was a keen botanist and the couple worked together on classifications of phytophagous insects of the Manchester Area.

The Study of Percival Farrington was exhibited as part of Natural:History (a fable of progress) at Gallery Oldham 2018.
The Study housed a number of artworks wihin it's structure including:

The Last Unicorn
The Indifference Engine
The Study of a Recurring Necessity (A dead moth told me)
The Dipper
The Infested Chair
Bird Metronome





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