One Wing Amongst Many
Ribble Discovery Trail

One Wing Amongst Many

Commissioned by the RSPB and funded through Arts Council England One Wing Amongst Many creates an iconic arrival landmark for visitors to the RSPB Ribble Discovery Centre and Ribble Estuary.

Taking inspiration from the flocks of migrating birds that visit the estuary every year One Wing Amongst Many isolates and presents a single bird from the masses that can been seen at internationally important habitat of the Ribble Estuary National Nature Reserve.

The wing form will be instantly recognizable and familiar to visitors and representative of bird life and is chosen to reflect both the RSPB’s history and the Ribble Discovery Centre’s original purpose to deliver the Save Our Shorebirds Campaign.

The Fairhaven Discovery Trail consist of a number of smaller versions of the One Wing sculpture created using the same process, materials and style. The content and format of each additional wing was decided through engagement sessions with stakeholders, RSPB staff with specialist knowledge of the site and members of the public. Each wing adds an interactive element to the reserve encouraging engagement with the place as a specific and important environment, Each wing can be used for ‘taking rubbings’ or as a stencil to trace a silhouettes and links into a trail leaflet to expand the possibilities for engagement with the Ribble Estuary Environment.





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