BioDiversity Boxes

Sketch for a Chair for a Giraffe

BioDiversity Boxes.

Commissioned following discussions with Sheffield City Council as part of the Grey To Green Project (phase 2) creating green corridors through areas of the city centre.

The BioDiversity Boxes present aesthetically pleasing civic bug hotels within the planting for the SUDS area of the project.

Each BioDiversity Box contains a number of habitat Elements to provide nesting and overwintering spaces for a variety of invertebrate species including:

Sculptural standing deadwood
Beetle Boxes for saproxylic species
Cob blocks
Cast stone blocks
Ground boxes for mining species

alongside more traditional bug hotel elements.

The habitat elements were designed in partnership with experts from BWARS, BugLife, BBCT along side expert advice from Mike Edwards and Stephanie Skipp.

In partnership with members of Sorby Natural History Society I will be monitoring the success of the different element and what species take up residence.







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